Chest trainer

So with no budget we really had to dig deep. Firstly this chest wall insert for a well recognised branded chest drain trainer was liberated from the bin. Firstly before you do to much damage make a plaster cast copy of the outside of the foam trainer. The used section of the chest trainer was then cut out in a neat rectangle...


More tupperware

Another tupperware box was cut open at the base to leave it open at both ends.


Fixed into place

The tupperware box was fitted into the chest cavity around the open section of chest wall with silicon and then fibreglass. 


Seal the edges

The edges are then also coated in fibreglass to create a solid frame in the chest wall.


The trainer is now complete

To use seal up the outside of the cut out rectangle with cling film and tape. Then put the trainer back into the mould and mix up house hold jelly. Don't eat it! pour it into the base of the frame to replace the chest wall that you cut away earlier. The jelly will allow you to use ultrasound in your sim session!!!!


Water balloon

Once the jelly sets put a water balloon in the tupperware carton 


Close the deal

Pop the lid on the tupperware box and remove the trainer from the mould.... of you go and sim. Once used the balloon can be replaced for the next person to practice. When the jelly is ruined after 3-4 sims just wash it out and mix up one more....