Gambia Special


We send “Krackers” off to Gambia with some sim toys....


“The aim is to leave”. The people living in low and middle income countries do not want to rely on foreign input to be able to establish institutions, to pass on their knowledge to future generations or to be able to look after one another. The medical profession is no different. 

Africa is home to a plethora of brilliant physicians and surgeons who have developed their skills to account for gaps in equipment and training that was afforded their counterparts in the developed world. African doctors are proud of their clinical acumen and they should be. Therefore, Africa does not need foreign clinicians, it needs educational opportunities for these, already brilliant physicians. These must be educational opportunities to take their skills to a new level so that their systems remain autonomous from foreign reliance. This allows sustainable improvement in skills and, therefore, a greatly improved level of care. 

Medisim is working to establish centres of training thus taking capacity building to the next level by training the trainer. This way, the simulation environments and models can be regenerated locally to spread the expertise and offer centres the chance to become autonomous clinical training institutions. This is capacity building in the resource poor setting at its finest. 

Let’s leave the healthcare delivery in low income countries to the local experts in that setting but give them the power to deliver that care at a more advanced level