Spinal Trainer

Remember that tupperware party...


Starting of as a base we used an old tupperwear box.  This needs to have a sealable lid.

All will become clear later...

Silicone cushion


Fill the base of the box leaving about 2 inches to the top with silicon. We used cheap bathroom sealent that can be found in most DIY stores. Leave a central canal in the silicon to fit your spinal canal...

Condom or water balloon ?


Being cheap we went down the family planning clinic and got a bag of freebies...

Mold the spine


Borrow someones skeleton... its advisable not to tell them what you plan to do... and make a plaster mold of the lumbar spine.

Cast your spine


Cover the plaster mold in cling film. Add in some fibreglass resin and wait till it sets.

Looking good!


we had some concerns that the plaster mold looked a bit iffy. We think it turned out great though, not that we are in any way biased.

Any old plastic?


An old plastic tray was cut to shape and size to fit snuggly on top of the silicon base in the tupperware box... 

The cast resin spine was then fibreglassed onto this tray.

Fibreglass frame


Line the box with an old plastic bag. Pop in the spine tray. Build up the sides with fibreglass...

More silicone


Make a silicone frame inside the fibreglass one leaving the spine exposed.

Cut the lid


Cut out the centre of the frame. This will act to hold the skin in place later...

Drill time


Drill holes below the spinous processes....

Putting it all together


Pop the spine tray on to the top of the silicone base. Remember to put the fluid filled condom into its canal beforehand. Top the spinal processes with reusable gel flex rubber. Just heat it up and pour it into the gap in the silicone. Cut some lyofoam dressing to fit the tray lid. Pop on the lid. Give it a coat of paint and hey presto....

Sim complete!


well under budget at £13.50. We now have a spinal trainer that can aspirate fluid. The spinous processes are palpable under the skin. The condom can Be replaced as can the skin easily. The gel flex can be scoped out and reheated and poured back in when required.... look out Africa here we come!

Africa In Action

Well, here we are officially international. Training in Sierra Leone. Outstanding feedback and looks fantastic in action....