Home made Thoracotomy trainer


Some recognisable features!

This is our torso. For the Sim we stuck on some resus Annie arms and legs with tape. This model has now been used 14 times for thoracotomy training and is holding up well. 

This torso cost just under £85 to make and only costs £0.99 for a balloon a fancy dress muscle vest some plaster and a tongue depressor to repair the anterior abdominal wall. That’s working out at £7.06 per thoracotomy so far!!!! 


Spare parts

Interchangable lungs and hearts allows us to alter the pathology in between cases, we have done lacerations to the heart bleeding out and causing tamponade as in our movie. We also do bleeding lung lacerations and pelvic trauma requiring descending aortic compression...


The heart as a pump

Simple pump and one way valve makes for a cardiovascular system that actually pumps and requies volume resuscitation ... keeps it real.